Brandon Sprague

[email protected] | LinkedIn
Software Engineer | Southern Oregon

My Objective

Do the most good, where good means things that improve people's livelihoods now and in the future. Be obnoxiously pragmatic. Build the right things at the right times. Fail gracefully, and learn from it. Build teams where folks can speak honestly to each other. Pick aphorisms that are pithy and motivational. Regularly purchase novelty domains I'll never use. Don't take things too seriously.

Work Experience

Co-founder, President
2021 - Present
  • Founded a nonprofit specializing in software development and consulting for nonprofits with missions related to the environment and global inequality
  • Currently building a platform for an environmental nonprofit
The Cloud Engineer
2021 - 2022
  • Designed and built scalable video encoding pipeline on AWS
  • Integrated GPU-enabled machine learning models
  • Designed and built API and web frontends
Senior Software Engineer
2017 - 2021
  • Tech lead for Surgical Insights, Babycare, and Verily Patch
  • Led teams building systems for managing fleets of surgical robots, and surgical video ML inference pipelines
  • Led a team of engineers (split between San Francisco, Boston, and Shanghai) building the backend for Lumi by Pampers system
  • Led a team of engineers (split between San Francisco and Boston building the backend for Verily Patch
Software Engineer
2015 - 2017
  • Worked on the Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) Admin Console ( and onboarding flows
  • Onboarded core and non-core Google services to Workplace
Software Engineer
2012 - 2015
  • Developed bus fleet management web applications in Ruby on Rails
  • Maintained servers, managed deployments, drove buses sometimes

Skills and Abilities


  • Majors: Computer Systems Engineering & Computer Science
  • Graduated Summa Cum Laude, GPA: 3.954